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When it comes to running for office, the term “it takes a village” comes into play. For most candidates the help from family, friends and the supporters is crucial, whether it’s through monetary contributions or help putting up campaign signs, the extra hands and dollars can go a long way.

Westminster mayor and city council candidates are required to track all campaign contributions and expenditures and this month the candidates reported their numbers to city clerk’s office. The first candidate report was due Oct. 15 and a second is due Nov. 1 followed by the final report on Dec. 5. Out of the three mayoral candidates, Bob Briggs, Herb Atchison and Mary Lindsey, Briggs reported the largest number of monetary contributions with a total of $20,176. His campaign committee, Bob Briggs for Mayor, also reported the longest reporting period beginning on Dec. 1, 2012 to Sept. 30. His largest contribution was $3,000 from Andy Hermes.

Atchison was next with a total of $18,277 in monetary contributions and another $961 in non-monetary contributions, for a total of $19,238 in overall contributions. He campaign committee, Atchison for Mayor, reported a reporting period from Jan.1 to Oct. 15. His largest contribution was $4,000 from Regency at Ridgegate LLC.

Lindsey’s contribution numbers were much less than her two opponents, with a total of $3,684 in monetary contributions. Her committee, Campaign to Elect Mary Lindsey, reported a total of $167 in non-monetary contributions, with a total of $3,851 in overall contributions from May 1 to Oct. 11. Majority of her contributions were under $100, with one $500 contribution.

In terms of expenditures, during Brigg’s reporting period his expenditure amounted to $15,739 with the largest at $3,427, spent at Jan’s Advertising. Atchison’s expenditures totaled $15,003. His largest expenditure was $9,151, spent at Campaign Products of the Rockies. Lindsey’s expenditures totaled $1,975 with her largest purchase at P&L Printing for $295.

Below is a list of the monetary contributions and expenditures for the eight city council candidates up until the Oct. 15 reporting date. These amounts do not include non-monetary contributions.

Albert Garcia- $17,025, contributed, $15,985 expended

Emma Pinter- $9,742 contributed, $7,549 expended

C. Michael Litzau - $6,869 contributed, $5,796 expended

David DeMott- $3,856 contributed, $3,594 expended

A.J. Elserougi - $1,194 contributed, $914 expended

Bruce Baker- $1,415 contributed, $1,253 expended

Debbie Bergamo- $325 contributed, $216 expended

Suzanne Ramirez - $0 contributed, $0 expended

To view a complete list of contributions and expenditures for each candidate, visit the city clerk’s office at City Hall, 4800 W. 92nd Avenue in Westminster.

Voter service and polling centers are now open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; Saturday Nov. 2 and Election Day, Nov. 5, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. There are a variety of mail-in ballot drop-off locations and polling centers throughout Adams and Jefferson Counties. To view a complete location list in Adams County visit and for a complete location list in Jefferson County visit,


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