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The Adams County Clerk’s office did not release unofficial final results until 5:01 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6, and the Jefferson County Clerk’s office did not release unofficial final results until 5:46 p.m., several hours past the Westminster Window and the Westsider’s press time.

According to the Adams County’s website, adcogov.org, the clerk’s office received nearly 21,000 ballots on Election Day and halted counting after posting preliminary results at 1:37 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6. Counters did not resume counting until 9 a.m. that Wednesday. According to the Jefferson County’s website, jeffco.us, 174,373 votes were cast with a 42 percent voter turnout.

Despite having more ballots to be counted, the unofficial final results did not change the outcome reported in the papers’ Nov. 7 issue on the races throughout both counties. However, the following is a recap of the unofficial final results of Westminster mayor and council races, the Federal Heights ward race, the Adams 12 Five Star Schools board race and the Adams County School District 50 Issue 3B. The results will remain unofficial until a canvass certification on Nov. 19-20.

Westminster mayor

Herb Atchison- 9,298 votes, 41.39 percent

Bob Briggs- 6,915 votes, 30.79 percent

Mary Lindsey- 6,249 votes 27.82 percent

Westminster city council

Emma Pinter- 10,420 votes

Bruce Baker- 8,269 votes

Alberto Garcia- 7,500 votes

Suzanne Ramirez- 6,895 votes

David DeMott- 6,857 votes

Debbie Bergamo- 5,917 votes

C. Michael Litzau- 5,794 votes

A.J. Elserougi- 3,734 votes

Federal Heights Ward 1

Harold Thomas- 222 votes, 53.37 percent

Sharon Richardson- 194 votes, 46.63 percent

Federal Heights Ward 2

Daniel Dick- 311 votes, 53.07 percent

Pat Willett- 275 votes, 46.93 percent

Federal Heights Ward 3

Ted May- 206 votes, 56.95 percent

Ken Murphy- 158 votes, 43.41 percent

Adams 12 school board District 3

Kathy Plomer- 11,277 votes, 38.11 percent

Debbie Christensen- 11,211 votes, 37.88 percent

David Elliot- 4,149 votes, 14.02 percent

Joshua Bastian- 2,957 votes, 9.99 percent

Adams 12 board District 4

Rico Figueroa- 10,849 votes, 100 percent

District 50 Issue 3B

No - 7,529 votes, 59.28 percent

Yes - 5,171 votes, 40.72 percent

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