Free show features magic and comedy


Longtime comedian and magician Ann Lincoln is coming to the Westminster Libraries in two performances of the Wonderful Winter Magic Show. The show will feature juggling, magic and of course comedy, with a special appearance from Snow Bunny, a real-live rabbit.

The first magic show is set for Dec. 7 at College Hill Library and the second will be Dec. 21 at Irving Street Library. Both free shows will be 2 to 2:45 p.m.

“Ann Lincoln’s been performing for us at the libraries for many years,” Vicky Sisto, library youth services coordinator said. “Her shows are always full of energy and invite audience participation. They are a lot of fun for all ages.”

Lincoln, from Denver, began comedy and entertainment in 1982 when she taught herself how to juggle lemons and limes. Since then she’s dabbled in other careers, but always found herself inching back to performance art, whether it’s through magic or comedy. Her love for performing is so strong, she admits even if she won the lottery, she would still have to find occasions where she could make people, especially children, laugh.

“Performing is an essential part of my makeup,” Lincoln said. “My main goal is to get people to laugh and when I can get a whole family laughing together that really feeds my energy. I love it.”

Although the library shows are geared towards younger children, Lincoln said they are appropriate for all ages. She works to keep the entire audience engaged by keying into the adults with jokes that can easily go over the heads of little ones and also by bringing up volunteers to help out.

“The Wonderful Winter Magic show really is for the whole family, not just for the kids,” she said. “I have stuff for the big kids and adults to enjoy. I just try to have a show that is unique as possible, with things never seen before.”

For more information, call the College Hill Library children’s desk at 202-658-2606.

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