Support Plomer, Speers

I retired from Adams 12 Five Star Schools as a high school principal after 39 years as an educator. After serious consideration, I endorse Kathy Plomer and Amy Speers for election to the Adams 12 School Board.

Although retired, I work with an organization which believes the success of all students is dependent upon highly effective educators who engage in ongoing professional learning. Both Ms. Plomer and Ms. Speers share this vision.

As a principal, I knew that the effectiveness of the teacher in the classroom had the greatest impact on student learning. Further, the arts, including vocal and instrumental music, are huge factors not only for keeping students in school but also for developing happy, well rounded, productive individuals.

As we prepare students to be competitive in the global market, we know they need to be conversant in swiftly changing technologies as well as sharply honed collaborative skills. Our teachers need to be afforded the best possible professional learning opportunities in order to continuously improve their teaching practice.

Kathy Plomer and Amy Speers have advocated for the best practices in education throughout their campaigns. Kathy is a systems thinker who envisions creating “partnerships between schools, parents, and communities to provide every child with an exceptional public education.” Amy promotes the “best public schools, the best teachers, and the best opportunity for success.” I would enjoy working with both of these quality education advocates.

Joan Watson


Questionable reform

This week, a letter was delivered to some Adams 12 residents asking for support for school board candidate Debbie Christensen. Although I am not familiar with Ms. Christensen’s platform on public education, the letter suggests that her primary

concern is promoting a specific ideology, one that is not public education friendly.

Adams 12 BOE and the DTEA have just completed very productive negotiations that led to an agreement for the current school year. Both sides have expressed an earnest desire to mend an oft-strained relationship. Candidate Christensen, it seems, would undo all that was accomplished by them this past spring.

Furthermore, anyone who has been paying attention to the Dougco situation knows that it’s a disaster. Highly-qualified teachers are leaving in droves, a controversial and unsound assessment program and pay scale for teachers has been imposed with draconian force, and the community is up in arms about the current extremist regime now running their schools. Fortunately, Dougco residents have a chance to elect a pro-public education board in November.

And so do the residents of Adams 12.

William Adamsky



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