Support Garcia

I recently returned back to Westminster following four years of service in the United States Army. A lot has changed in those four years. The mall is gone, commuter rail is inching closer to our city. These are important times for Westminster. We need experienced leaders who can guide our city during this period. Alberto Garcia is one of those leaders.

In the Army, I was taught the value of honor and work ethic. These are two traits Alberto has an abundance of. I’ve known him for years as a neighbor and a friend. I’ve seen the dedication he shows to his clients in his legal practice and the time and energy he spends helping our community. Alberto loves this city and will do everything he can make sure we keep going in the right direction.

When I left the military, there was no doubt I would come back to this great city. We need talented, insightful leaders who will keep us great in the face of significant challenges. Alberto Garcia is that leader. I ask for you to vote for Alberto Garcia for Westminster City Council.

Corey Averill


Support Pinter

I am eager to introduce and endorse the election of Emma Pinter to Westminster City Council.

Emma knows the history and the reasons to bring rail to Westminster. She’s smart enough and diligent enough to advocate for us and to deliver this boon to Westminster if we’re wise enough to elect her. FasTracks was born when Denver metro area voters approved a regionwide sales tax increase in November, 2004. We started paying that tax increase in January, 2005.

In good faith, Westminster has moved forward to redevelop areas that will tantalize and welcome rail commuters to our city. For instance, Council has invested in and energized efforts to revitalize the historic southeast portion of the city and to develop an enviable arts district near what will be the Westminster Station at 71st and Hooker.

In anticipation of a vibrant town center at the designated Westminster Center Station near City Hall at 88th and Harlan, Council moved to implement processes to clear the outdated Westminster Mall site to make way for the businesses that will solidify and stabilize our new downtown.

There have been allusions to a revision of the Northwest Rail that would substitute a BRT, bus rapid transit system, between Boulder, the Westminster Center Station, and the Westminster Station rather than follow through with the commuter rail system and local stations that would become the traffic conduit between our residents and the desirable work opportunities both north and south of us.

If we elect Emma, I trust her to engage and lead against submission to any cheaper and less desirable mode of transportation than the ! one we voted to fund, have been funding, and continue to fund with our tax dollars.

Our vote for Emma is a vote for our community’s vitality and a better quality of life for all of Westminster’s families.

Jane Banzin


Picks for Jeffco board

After attending a forum for Jeffco School Board candidates at Pomona High School, it became clear to me that only three candidates possess the strong leadership qualities that Jeffco needs. Those candidates are Tanya Aultman-Bettridge in District 1, Jeff Lamontagne in District 2, and Gordon “Spud” Van de Water in District 5. All three have the experience and leadership necessary for the job. More importantly, all three candidates understand the importance of feedback from parents, students, teachers and the community in directing the school district as it moves forward.

At the forum, Aultman-Bettridge, Lamontagne and Van de Water talked about the importance of working constructively to improve education for our students. All three also voiced the importance of finding solutions that work for Jeffco students and the Jeffco community rather than relying on ideology as a generic one-size-fits-all solution.

Aultman-Bettridge, Lamontagne and Van de Water have pledged they will work to make sure the district offers students an excellent education, prepares students to be career- and college-ready, supports our excellent teachers and that the district uses tax dollars wisely and with transparency and accountability. I encourage you to join me in voting for Tanya Aultman-Bettridge, Jeff Lamontagne and Spud Van de Water on Nov. 5.

Lisa Cook


Support Bob Briggs

Bob has not only proven himself to be a great leader but he and his wife Shirley continue to give countless hours of their time for volunteer work.

I have known both Bob and Shirley and their families since childhood. They are always ready to help in all situations. Bob is on hand to answer questions regarding his leadership on the City Council and share the knowledge he has gained over the years. We are proud to have him and Shirley share their hard work with Westminster Grange along with their church and other community organizations.

Support Bob Briggs for Mayor in the November election.

Sharon Arnold

(Former Westminser resident)

Las Vegas, Nevada


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