Man pleads guilty to threatening to kill the president


A Westminster man who threatened to kill the president plead guilty to a federal charge of making threats directed at the president on Aug. 8 and was sentenced to time already served and three years of supervised probation.

Last November, Mitchell Kusick was taken into custody after a criminal complaint was filed against the 20-year-old in Jefferson County court by Melissa Blake, Special Agent with the United States Secret Service. In the complaint documents it states that Kusick knowingly and willfully made a threat to take the life of and inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States.

Kusick is also facing charge of interference with school staff after the same complaint documents revealed that Kusick stole a gun from his aunt and uncle’s house and planned to kill children on Halloween at Standley Lake High School in hopes to draw police officers into a gun fight.

Court documents also revealed that Kusick said he was obsessed with the Columbine shootings, Virginia Teck shooting and the Jessica Ridgeway abduction and had been having homicidal fantasies on a daily basis for five to six years. He told his therapist he had been trying to keep track of President Obama’s visits to the Denver metro area because he wanted to attempt to assassinate him and he wanted to go down in history as the “guy who killed Obama.”

According to the complaint, Kusick said that he had trained in how to shoot an assault rifle at a firing range in Grand Junction, where he was a student at Mesa State. Kusick said that he previously owned a .22 caliber rifle and an assault rifle. The documents also reveal that Kusick admitted his plans to kill the president and shoot children on Halloween to police while in the hospital on metal hold.

Kusick is scheduled for a pre-trial conference for the Standley Lake incident on Aug. 15 in Jefferson County.


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