Mustangs’ running back shows great strength


Running back Gabe Gillespie hasn’t been playing on the Mountain Range varsity football team for very long.

He hasn’t run the ball a huge number of yards many times either. But he’s already become a huge asset to the Mustangs’ program.

Gillespie, a senior, started on the varsity team as a sophomore. He doesn’t have a large amount of yards up in the 100s, but what’s more important are the number of yards when he carries the ball. Nearly a six-yard per average carry. He’s big, so he’s tough to bring down.

“He’s not going to be real shifty and outrun a lot of guys, but he has incredible balance,” Mountain Range coach Bryan Davey said.

“With that balance he’s able to break away from a number of tackles and get that second-chance and second-effort yardage.”

Gillespie is one of the strongest players in the program. He’s one of four kids that made the thousand-pound club.

Davey said he’s increased his strength this year after spending this summer in the weight room. He said during games it’s very rare to see one single guy make a tackle on Gillespie.

“It takes a team effort or a group of defensive men to bring down Gabe,” Davey said. “He’s always been a committed player, a team player.”

Gillespie has always liked playing running back.

He’s been playing football for 13 years and started out playing the position. When he was younger he also played offensive lineman and linebacker, but when he was in eighth grade, he went returned to running back and has played the position ever since.

Other than football, Gillespie also runs track.

He said he uses track as a tool to help get better in football. Gillespie stays motivated by playing the two sports. Both he and Davey said they believe he has a very good work ethic.

“If I really commit myself to something I can do a lot and I can achieve what I want to,” Gillespie said.

At the end of the 2012 season, Gillespie was voted on by the coaches of the Front Range League as all-conference Running back of the Year.

Davey said he was real excited about what Gillespie brought to the team and he was someone he could count on the entire year.

Gillespie said he would like to continue to play football in college wherever he has the opportunity to play.

He said high school football has meant very much to him.

“It’s been everything,” Gillespie said. “Out of the last four years, it’s been probably the biggest part of my life. I’ve had of a lot of things along the way, but it’s been the biggest.”


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