Our pick for the city: Atchison for mayor


At a recent election forum at Westminster City Hall, we had the opportunity to hear responses from City Council candidates. While we were impressed with all candidates, we endorse Alberto Garcia, Michael Litzau and Emma Pinter as the most qualified candidates to serve on council.

Both Garcia and Pinter demonstrated an understanding of the relationship between the city and small business, and both have a track record in city organizations. To add, Pinter has experience on the Westminster Board of Building Code Appeals, so she is well grounded in how city processes work. In addition, we endorse C. Michael Litzau. Litzau has an excellent understanding of the responsibilities of serving on City Council due to his work on the planning commission. He also has experience with Arvada organizations, so he brings added knowledge of this important neighbor.

The pool of candidates for council is deep with several more candidates who have the skills and inclinations to serve well on council, but these three stand out. Support Garcia, Litzau and Pinter.

Atchison for mayor

From an experienced point of view, the city could not go too wrong with any of the three mayoral candidates – Herb Atchison, Bob Briggs and Mary Lindsey. There is a lot to like – each has been time tested with service on City Council. Each one has sound perspectives. Each one has pronounced, but differing leadership styles.

We have to admire Atchison’s depth of experience and how he returned to the city council after a time off due to term limits. He is fully dedicated to the business and well-being of the city. He is focused on following through with the central projects at hand, which involve development of the Westminster Mall and RTD transportation issues. He has a strong sense of the importance of all city departments and the challenges at hand, and always demonstrates attention to detail. Atchison is ready for this next step and the important leadership work of bringing out the best in all council members as a team. We urge voters to choose Atchison.

District 50: Mill levy override –
Ballot Question 3B

District 50 has been doing its best to serve its residents and posting good overall test scores the past few years. Trouble is the reserves are dwindling while class sizes are increasing.

Nobody likes to see their property tax increase, but District 50 needs a boost. On a wholehearted altruistic level, we need to spend more money and support the futures of our students. On the other end of the pendulum at the pocketbook level, we all want to keep taxes from putting added drain on our budgets. But it’s a win-win to support the mill levy override because better schools mean higher property values, and better schools mean a better quality of life for everyone.

As the city looks at Transit-Oriented Development with RTD rail, let’s step up to make sure our schools can match the upswing that comes with new development and mass transit. Lets step up and provide more school funding before programs and resources need to be cut.

Support 3B.


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