Suspicious incident:

Officers responded Sept. 19 at 2:45 p.m. to a suspicious incident at Casa Estates at 860 132nd Ave.

The maintenance manager said she was driving through the trailer park and saw a Hispanic male about 20 years old standing in front of one of the trailers.

After thinking it didn’t look right, she backed up to find the male had gone. She saw that the window next to the front door was pushed open and the blinds appeared to be disturbed.

While the manager called the police, another maintenance worker kept an eye on the trailer and said he heard footsteps coming from inside the trailer.

The owner was contacted by phone and said she was at work and that nobody had permission to be inside. Additional officers and a K-9 responded.

The response officers entered the trailer through the opened window and found nobody inside.

The homeowner was advised to call the police when she got home to say whether or not anything was missing. There is nothing further.

Theft, unauthorized use of financial device:

A desk duty officer was contacted Sept. 16 at 2:07 p.m. in reference to a theft. A 65-year-old Arvada woman said she was at a coffee shop at 10611 Westminster Blvd. when someone removed four of her credit cards and $350 in cash from her wallet.

Three Hispanic individuals – two female and one male – are believed to be suspects.

When she got home, she had calls from her credit card company regarding three large purchases at the Target in Westminster. The charges totaled $3,303.20. There is nothing further.


A 22-year-old Denver woman was arrested Sept. 15, 1:29 p.m., at Walmart at 7155 Sheridan Blvd. A loss prevention officer saw the woman select several items and conceal them in a backpack, which was also store merchandise. She then paid for the backpack, but not the items inside. The total value of the items was $186.31.

The loss prevention officer detained the woman in his office but, due to a heavy call load and higher priority of calls related to the flooding within the city, police response was delayed. Following store policy, the loss prevention officer released the woman after some time, but obtained the woman’s identifying information for the police.


A 48-year-old Westminster man reported a theft Sept. 15 at 12:58 p.m. to a desk officer. He said he had parked his truck in the parking lot at 3811 W. 68th Ave., where someone stole the rear license plate.

The officer told the man how he could get new plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles. There is no suspect information.

Items in the police reports are compiled from public information contained in police department records. Charges or citations listed don’t imply guilt or innocence, and all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty.